come again…?

These past days, I’ve been busy with these…



I made the purple piñata on the right using the same concept as when I made the lego piñata for MasterD’s birthday. Only, this time, I used one box for a smaller piñata, wrapped it in purple crepe paper, and glued print outs of Rarity on two sides of the box.


And it’ s all for this little rascal…


MissL just turned 9 today and we had cake and pasta at home just to mark the day. She and MasterD wants to go swimming with their friends, so that will be this coming weekend.


Delighted to get more Trash Wheels…!


And Quino Cafe’s mini rainbow cake from Tita Kat, of course.


Honestly, I just started my new job like two weeks ago and am still in training. It’s been hectic and I’ve seriously thought of not going through with the mini party on Saturday. But a promise to my little hobbit is a promise that I’ll no doubt keep. I’m guessing there’ll be no sleep for me very soon as I’ve been working on night shifts and have to do errands for the picnic/party during mornings. I’ve basically been on flight mode these past days.

Anyway, celebration to be continued…


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