One for the Wave

Going back to December 2014, after the Stellar Christmas Party the company threw, our batch of trainees had a little Christmas party on the 19th at the office.




After, I caught up with a few friends at a bar restaurant, called Imbiss. Now, this restaurant has a new location and owner, I believe. But it’s known for it’s signature sausage, which Dad and I loved. We used to eat at the old Imbiss restaurant way back.


I’m wearing: ruffled leather jacket, One Piece tee, floral jeggings, Airwalk sling, Converse sneakers.

The revamped Imbiss is a bar-cum-gallery and showcases a lot of artwork from local artists. There are bands playing there as well. Some gigs are actually organized by Kent and some friends friends actually unwind by performing there.  In fact, teens from a charity group we organized some ten years ago performed there that night. But I was unable to take pictures, unfortunately. I was just too tired and preoccupied with the thought of having to wake up early and hop into a boat to Iloilo City for a batch reunion the next day.


Good thing, Kent, Botsky, and Amiel drove me home… Kent was my official photographer during the catch-up sesh… It’s nice to see old friends again. I hope there’d be more of this, but everyone seems to be busy with their own thing… We’ve grown up… Probably, but probably not…?

Well, the next post will be about the reunion in Iloilo. Til then, good day!


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