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new wave

In our lifetime, people come and go. Time moves too fast for us to even realize the consequences of our decisions. We’ve no choice but to go along, whether we’ve done our best or not…

But I’ve had the pleasure of meeting these people and bond with them some way or another…

jetteau_new wave_1

Mark, Sofie, moi, Gela, Amy, Jet, Rain

jetteau_new wave_2

Junry, Jet, Rona, Jane, Regina, Gela, moi, Dean, K, Lyn, Mark, Amy, Rain, JM, Miles

jetteau_new wave_3

jetteau_new wave_4

jetteau_new wave_5


new wave_7

Wearing: DIY cut-off shirt, Guess midrif top, Rough Rider Jeans printed pants, Vans sneakers

new wave_6

Cookie… signed and sealed

To be honest, I’m at a loss for words to write here… It amazes me the bond we develop with friends.

You see, I recently attended a wedding- well, a renewal of vows, to be exact. Erny and Karen’s.

Erny + Karen (teaser) from James Lau on Vimeo.

Karen and I go way back. There were seven of us in high school and we fondly called our group KHOLADIKAJE.

Here’s a throwback…


But it’s been a while since we girls really got to hang out, with all of us having families and all. So when Karen rang me and the rest of the girls last year that she and Erny will be renewing their vows, we didn’t think twice about booking a flight to Manila for the celebration.

And fast forward to February 2015, us girls had a reunion. The venue, Klub Keluarga in Laiya, Batangas. It was 3-4 hours drive from Manila, more or less. There was no network signal at the location so, we were totally cut off from the rest of the world for the two days that we were there. But we never ran out of picturesque locations to take pictures and things to talk about, of course… In fact, two days weren’t enough!


with Diana, Kholeen, and Hazel


The bride…


Before getting dolled up… That’s a DIY printed skirt, by the way


After hair and make up…


with Butch Coo, HMUA


mon outfit which I had made… The details on them were designed and hand sewn by yours truly… The LWD is a restyled item, the book clutch, a DIY.



details... the motif was peach and mint....

details… the motif was peach and mint… I used cord, cotton embroidery floss, sequins and sew-on crystal embellishments for this design.



Unica Ija


The couple with their twin daughters, Chili and Pepper





LED balloons













And that’s a wrap…!


home bound… dropping by my fave stop @ the airport, wearing Kalais top, Bershka jeans, Birkenstock sandals.


My Valentine

…is a two-piece dress that I prepared for a dear friend’s wedding last month, the love month. I’ve had the brown mesh fabric for sometime now and was super happy to finally get the chance to use it. Lately, I would rather have an outfit customized than buy a ready-made one, unless maybe when I’m out of time.

Which almost was the case. Yes, I almost bought a dress for Karen’s wedding as I’ve been busy. But try I did and checked with Aunt Lucy, to whom I usually go to have dresses made, if she could make my dress despite her full schedule. Luckily, she said yes! So in the days I waited on the dress, I came up with the design to embellish the dress with.

jetteau_my valentine_mesh dress2

I drew the outline on a bond paper to use as guide.

As soon as I got the dress from Aunt Lucy, I immediately started sewing the embellishment onto the dress. I only had 5 days left before the wedding and only had a few hours in the evening to work on it.

jetteau_my valentine_mesh dress4

I used cord, cotton embroidery floss, sequins and sew-on crystals.

To wear under the mesh fabric, I just restyled the LWD, which has gone through several transformations.

20150816_1446-9-784 (7)

I added studs and sew on a decorative crystal on the upper bodice.

20150816_1446-9-784 (5)

I also added ribbons at the hem, and done!

My next post will be about the wedding and there, of course, I’ll be donning “my valentine.”

Thanks for dropping by…!

bringing home the bacon

Well, the ice cream is more like…

032115-BJJ (1)

The Mister joined a grappling tournament today, organized by Bull and Tiger. He won gold for the Gi Division and bronze for the No-Gi Division.

032115-BJJ (3)

032115-BJJ (2)

Here’s a video of his final match…

Woot! Woot!

And by the by, I’ve several posts lined up… way overdue… do check back these coming days…

Thanks for dropping by… 🙂


I’ve been wanting to brag about these…

I’ve mentioned before that The Mister reads a lot of fantasy fiction, right? Well, some time last year he started reading the series, Malazan: Book of the Fallen, penned by Steven Erikson. He was totally taken by it that he decided to create graphic interpretations of the characters.

And here are more of my favorites:

I have read the first book myself and enjoyed it very much. I’ll have to make time to read the rest… around 9 or 15…?! A lot, huh? But, yeah, would love to be able to do just that.

photo bucket: January 2015

This is a post long overdue…

IMG-1420361684681-V Photo Collage Maker_8u1ixU


PhotoGrid_1421488139842 (1)

PhotoGrid_1421496401153 (1)


dinner date with Hazel, Diana, and Kholeen… and wore this restyled purple dress



Photo Collage Maker_7q1ixU

sister-date… and a cousin…




family date…





I want something… Okay. I want a lot of things. To happen. But I wonder if I make the right decisions or just keep messing things up… Geeesh… I’ve got to read some sort of manual on how to make things right… Have got to learn how to trot, blinkers on.

Dear Life, …………………………

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