It’s a Girl Thing

Weeks after Karen’s wedding and just days before Kholeen’s trip back to Norway, we met up for dinner and desserts at Felicia’s Pastry Cafe, popular for their delicious cakes and pastries.

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Thanks for swingin’ by…



Of Wedding Bells and Rings

My cousin Jason and his fiancee, Debra are getting married on the 12th.

And we got this in the mail…



Which opens up to these…


Meet the blushing groom…


So, so, sooo happy for him that he’s finally found his queen.FB_IMG_1427798630977

Jason & Debra from Studio Fotogold on Vimeo.


Cara, Kat, and myself had hoped to attend. But as we all have work and attending entails taking a leave from work and an expensive flight to Palawan, Mum and Ella would represent our family instead.

If Dad had been around, he’d be so happy and proud… And we’d all flock to Puerto Princesa for the wedding, definitely…!

But with things as they are… Oh, well…

And since MasterD and MissL flew to Manila last week (I miss the rascals), last Sunday was bonding day for us girls…


We went hunting for Mum’s outfit for the wedding…


And before I let you off, here’s a throwback…


Jason, moi, Cara, and Jason’s twin, Joseph, sans G…

Growing up, we had been like siblings with them being all boys and us all girls. When we young, we were very close though there’s been years in between when our families lived in different cities. Then life happened and we lived, struggled, and luckily survived.

Our lives are so different from what we’ve imagined, but I’m quite happy despite the slips, tumbles, and falls. And I know they are too. I’m grateful for the times we’ve spent fighting, laughing, and crying. Love you kiddos.


MasterD + MissL


These two are currently on vacation.


I miss them a lot…


So, I called to tell them so…


They’re response was… “Sorry… We kind of forgot about you. We’re having so much fun!”


Rascals… I was heart broken.


Oh, well. So long as they’re having a blast.

I’ll see them in a week or two, anyway.

And we’ll make summer even more fun!