Prepping for Summer

You know how it is when you just have too much going on in your head that you easily forget what you’ve been planning on doing just a few minutes ago? Then remember it when it’s either too late or you’re too tired to get to it? Then, there’d be times when you decide on doing one thing and keep changing your mind on when to do it exactly? These happen quite a lot with me.

One example is getting my hair cut and colored. I’ve been thinking of having my hair done for a while now, but keep postponing it for a number of trivial reasons. I’ve wanted to cut my hair since October, but realized I needed my hair long for the office Halloween Party. And then, I thought it would be a good idea to postpone it after the office Christmas Party. Then, the Mister was coming home and I thought he’d like to see me with long hair, and we all know that days before Christmas until after New Year get very busy for most people, right? Then, the weather turned pleasantly cold albeit the gloomy skies and dampness, which made me thought of postponing of having my hair done yet again.

But today, the sun turned up and the day was bright, warm and a bit humid. The heat and humidity could get worst by summer and in weeks leading to it. So,that did it for me. I’ve got to have my hair done soon. Besides, I kind of miss having short hair.


I never planned on growing my hair this long again anyway… buh-bye long hair.


And yes, I need more practice in taking selfies.

I’ve only had my hair colored once (some 13 years ago!) and it was not even the entire hair, only highlights. So, I am a little worried that my hair would be ruined. Honestly, I’m not a fan of hair salons and I’m too lazy to diy hair treatments. I’d rather sew or do some crafts. But hey, I’ve got to venture out of my comfort zone every now and then. It makes life all the more interesting.


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