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DIY: Sabrina Neckline Straight Cut Dress

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So, the recycle reuse sandals are a no go yet. I got sidetracked by another dress project which is thoroughly described by the title. This came about when I finally found this neat sublimation company that prints your own design either on a jersey shirt or on plain fabric. Awesooome! I’ve made graphic designs perfect […]

DIY: Kimono

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Ola! I had meant to post a week ago when I started on THIS project. It’s neon because I need to wear something neon on our office Christmas party this coming Friday. Yay! I made this from scratch. I bought the jersey fabric from one of my favorite fabric store in my home city, cut […]

DIY: lego piñata

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As promised, here is a step by step images of how I made the two-compartment lego piñata for MasterD’s birthday. I used four small boxes, two for each compartment. Put one box over another, like so, then tape together. Tape the two compartments together then cut a flap opening at the would-be bottom of the […]

DIY: buckled ankle cuff pumps


So, I fell in love with those buckled ankle cuff heels that many a fashionable celeb don that I thought it would be worth making mine own version.   SO… armed with a pair of simple back pumps, a belt, buckles, and a few other things, I did just that! And what better time to […]

DIY: Cutout Bodycon Jersey Dress

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As mentioned here, I’ve been working on a dress for a while now.  It took me a while to finish it mainly because I had to hand-stitch the entire thing, lining and all. So, the task got boring and I had to stop working every once in a while to regain my enthusiasm on the […]

DIY: Beanie

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…knit cap, bobcap, stocking cap, watch cap, tuque, or whatchamacallit. As mentioned here,  made beanies for all four of us.  And yeah, we’re big fans o the minions. Thanks for dropping by. Have a great week! ~Jette~

DIY: Ribbon Dress

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Almost two years ago, around December of 2011, I made a dress for Ella for a Christmas party.  This was before I got around to starting this blog. Anyway, the theme for the party was candyland. At that time, I had a slight aversion to candy-colored anything, meaning brightly colored things. But that has changed, […]

DIY: Crochet Dress

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I almost forgot about this dress. It’s been buried in my closet for months! I just remembered that I had it after I finished making MissL’s beanie a few days ago. Currently, I’m making a Minion beanie for MasterD. I’ll be featuring them, zee beanies, in a future post. Anyway, moving along… Here’s me wearing […]

DIY: One-sleeved Jersey Tunic


This project is long overdue. A one-sleeved jersey tunic dress. The idea for this jersey piece was conceived months ago. I originally planned to  have this customized by a dressmaker as I a) don’t own a sewing machine, and most especially, b) don’t know how to use one. Unfortunately, I haven’t yet found a seamstress […]

DIY: Book Clutch

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Cute, isn’t it? A few months ago, I made one just like it for my sister, Cara. I used illustration board to make the foundation. I cut up the board to make the thin box and glued the pieces together. I evened out the edges using a fine sandpaper then carefully attached the printed paper […]

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