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Recycle, Reuse: Braided Sandals

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Finally, a second feature in my recycle and reuse list. What is it? These DIY platforms. Two, three years ago, this is how they looked. Sorry, I don’t usually take a close up of my footwear, bear with me. Kindly ignore my face and move your gaze down to my feet. Thank you. 🙂   […]

D-signs: of prints and dresses

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OK, I really do want to learn to make clothes. But, aside from my attempts at the craft by cutting and hand-sewing this and this from scratch, I’ve mostly just restyled other garments by hand. I thought I could make time to take some lessons but I’ve had my hands full for I don’t know how long anymore […]

Recycle, Reuse: deep purple

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Well, here’s another dress I restyled recently. It used to be a simple purple dress with a bubble skirt like so… Well, you can’t really see the whole dress, can you? Sorry. Can’t ind any other picture with me wearing the dress…. Anyway, the hem was too short that I avoided wearing the dress during warm days […]

Recycle, Reuse: knit sweater => knit midi

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As the title suggests, the victim for this recycled-restyled post is an old knit sweater… I forgot to take a picture before I began snipping off the sleeves, but here’s some photos of when I wore it some time in 2011… Wearing: Banana Republic sweater, jeggings, Doc Martens boots, black bag. And so, after snipping off […]

Style File: of mint, cream, and roses


First of all, it’s The Mister’s birthday today and I made a promise to him that I’m definitely keeping… Love him lots! Anyhoo, here’s an OOTD of my recent recycled-restyled piece… I’m wearing: Bayo lace top, diy floral skirt, nude pvc flats. Now, I’ve had this top for the looongest time-for over 10 years, I […]

Recycle, Reuse: floral dress into skirt


I enjoy reconstructing items in my closet to give them new life, and of course to give myself a new wardrobe to rock. For this post, it’s this dress: I had it custom-made to wear to our friends’ wedding a few years back. But then after, I only got to wear the dress just once […]

Recycle, Reuse: two become one

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Haha! The title whizzes me back to high school! My friends and I were such big fans of the Spice Girls! What! Yeah… Anyway, for this recycled item, I used two old tops to make one dress. top #1: plain shirt- used for the bodice of the dress. top #2: animal print top- used for the […]

Recycle, Reuse: mini dress

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I think the last time I posted a “Recycle, Reuse” entry was some time in July…? Well, I’ve been exceptionally busy with various things lately and have been running around like a headless chicken… Yet, yeah, I still manage to update my space and schedule posts! haha… Anyway, on to the recycled item… It’s this […]

Recycle, Reuse: old tops = bodycon skirts

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Okay… Three more items were ticked off my list of things to do. Yey! I had these cheap shirts which prints I adore. But they didn’t fit me as well as I had hoped. So, I decided to tun them into skirts instead. The above photo is crappy, I concur. Moving on… To make the skirts, […]

Recycle, Reuse: Green Jacket + DIY: Cuff Clutch

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Hello! Finally, I get to post this… I’ve been slacking off a bit, I guess… Ideas keep flooding my head that it’s frustrating… you know? There are so many things I want to do but just can’t quite figure out how to accomplish them all, at once, right away…? Impatience is my bane right now. […]

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