D-signs: of prints and dresses

OK, I really do want to learn to make clothes. But, aside from my attempts at the craft by cutting and hand-sewing this and this from scratch, I’ve mostly just restyled other garments by hand.

I thought I could make time to take some lessons but I’ve had my hands full for I don’t know how long anymore that I end up doing other fashion related designing instead.

The past weekends, when I do find the time to do something I enjoy, I ended up making graphic designs for dresses. You know, those designs that should be digitally printed onto the fabric? Yeah, it’s been popular these past years, hasn’t it? And I’ve been obsessing over making digital print designs myself for years… for about 3 to 4 years now, I think.

I’m just glad that before I expire, I did get to do it. And I made several! I made 20!

jetteau- graphic print design 4 jetteau- graphic print design 3

But I’m just posting thumbnails, of sorts, of four of those here.

jetteau- graphic print design 1jetteau- graphic print design 2

Only now, I’ve been obsessing over having them actually made. You see, I’ve not only made the print designs but came up with dress designs for the prints to be on too. Boo!

If ever I do get the chance to have the dresses made, even just a fraction, I’d be ecstatic, I’ll be posting them here, naturally.

Will grab some dinner now… starving…

Thanks for swinging by!



I’ve been wanting to brag about these…




I’ve mentioned before that The Mister reads a lot of fantasy fiction, right? Well, some time last year he started reading the series, Malazan: Book of the Fallen, penned by Steven Erikson. He was totally taken by it that he decided to create graphic interpretations of the characters.

And here are more of my favorites:





I have read the first book myself and enjoyed it very much. I’ll have to make time to read the rest… around 9 or 15…?! A lot, huh? But, yeah, would love to be able to do just that.

Fly to Your Heart


Again, a composite using either CS2 or CS3. Notice a recurring element from the Man on the Moon composite I posted last?

MissL was probably less than a year old when the picture I used here was taken. She was a bit of a crybaby, and still is, so this was a good one.

Floating worlds and fairies make me feel like a child again. I feel nostalgic. I want to watch Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind. I was around 7 or 8 when I first watched the movie and it left a great impression on me.

Any favorites from Ghibli? Do share, would love to hear.


Man on the Moon


This is a composite of various images. I used either CS2 or CS3 for this. I was inspired by how some polyvore members put together various pictures to make fantastic images. Here, I used different PSD filters on each of the elements.

MasterD must have been around three when the picture I used in this composite was taken. One morning, while still in his PJs, he just picked up the black plastic bag scattered about in the room and wore it on his head. It was cute and hilarious I just had to take a pic.

And yes, just because I’m such a big fan of R.E.M. Plus, MasterD loved the song as well. He used to hum, sing, and dance with it… I miss having a little one… *sigh*


Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space


“I’ve been told… Only fools rush in… But I don’t believe… So please put your sweet hand in mine… We’ll float in space just you and I…”




Been always interested in photography and digital arts… Tried my hand @ photo manipulation…


Amateur…! Haha!