Mon A. Ferretti

So, a few weeks back, I was in Cebu. Returning to Bacolod, headed to the bus station, I decided to drop by the Basilica del Sr. Sto. Nino. Walking the streets of Colon, thrift shops were shining like beacons. So, I decided to swing by one as I thought I still had time to loiter.

As I was about to leave the shop, a pink chiffon item caught my eye. At first I hesitated, fearing it might be pricey. But I thought I’ve got nothing to lose by asking, and so I did. To my surprise, it was just for 20PHP- less than a dollar!. I was ecstatic!

I was even more surprised when I checked the tag, which was still on, and found out it was an Alberta Ferretti!

jetteau-alberta ferretti-chiffon gown1

Stitch details on the bodice and hem.

jetteau-alberta ferretti-chiffon gown4

Who’s been lucky?

jetteau-alberta ferretti-chiffon gown2

So I headed to church with a spring in my step…

jetteau-alberta ferretti-chiffon gown3


It’s a Girl Thing

Weeks after Karen’s wedding and just days before Kholeen’s trip back to Norway, we met up for dinner and desserts at Felicia’s Pastry Cafe, popular for their delicious cakes and pastries.

jetteau- BAC-kholdihaze-001

jetteau- BAC-kholdihaze-002

jetteau- BAC-kholdihaze-003

jetteau- BAC-kholdihaze-004

jetteau- BAC-kholdihaze-005

jetteau- BAC-kholdihaze-007jetteau- BAC-kholdihaze-006

jetteau- BAC-kholdihaze-008

jetteau- BAC-kholdihaze-014

jetteau- BAC-kholdihaze-016

Thanks for swingin’ by…


new wave

In our lifetime, people come and go. Time moves too fast for us to even realize the consequences of our decisions. We’ve no choice but to go along, whether we’ve done our best or not…

But I’ve had the pleasure of meeting these people and bond with them some way or another…

jetteau_new wave_1

Mark, Sofie, moi, Gela, Amy, Jet, Rain

jetteau_new wave_2

Junry, Jet, Rona, Jane, Regina, Gela, moi, Dean, K, Lyn, Mark, Amy, Rain, JM, Miles

jetteau_new wave_3

jetteau_new wave_4

jetteau_new wave_5


new wave_7

Wearing: DIY cut-off shirt, Guess midrif top, Rough Rider Jeans printed pants, Vans sneakers

new wave_6

Cookie… signed and sealed

To be honest, I’m at a loss for words to write here… It amazes me the bond we develop with friends.

You see, I recently attended a wedding- well, a renewal of vows, to be exact. Erny and Karen’s.

Erny + Karen (teaser) from James Lau on Vimeo.

Karen and I go way back. There were seven of us in high school and we fondly called our group KHOLADIKAJE.

Here’s a throwback…


But it’s been a while since we girls really got to hang out, with all of us having families and all. So when Karen rang me and the rest of the girls last year that she and Erny will be renewing their vows, we didn’t think twice about booking a flight to Manila for the celebration.

And fast forward to February 2015, us girls had a reunion. The venue, Klub Keluarga in Laiya, Batangas. It was 3-4 hours drive from Manila, more or less. There was no network signal at the location so, we were totally cut off from the rest of the world for the two days that we were there. But we never ran out of picturesque locations to take pictures and things to talk about, of course… In fact, two days weren’t enough!


with Diana, Kholeen, and Hazel


The bride…


Before getting dolled up… That’s a DIY printed skirt, by the way


After hair and make up…


with Butch Coo, HMUA


mon outfit which I had made… The details on them were designed and hand sewn by yours truly… The LWD is a restyled item, the book clutch, a DIY.



details... the motif was peach and mint....

details… the motif was peach and mint… I used cord, cotton embroidery floss, sequins and sew-on crystal embellishments for this design.



Unica Ija


The couple with their twin daughters, Chili and Pepper





LED balloons













And that’s a wrap…!


home bound… dropping by my fave stop @ the airport, wearing Kalais top, Bershka jeans, Birkenstock sandals.


Baby Bliss

Meet Caleb Philip.


My godson…


Christened on 12.27.14…


With very happy parents Paolo and Kholeen. 20141227_125810


Here, with Diana and my other godson, Steven Nicholas. 20141227_125937

I was fond of calling him Lil’ Nicky, but he’s all grown up now and a great shooter. I really won’t be surprised when he becomes a basketball star someday…

A throwback picture of Steven’s christening…


circa 2003 Wearing: jetstone pendant from Kent, Bayo top, Kamiseta jeans, and Le Donne sandals. Whoa… I could still remember…!?!

My OOTD on Pipoy’s baptism…


I’m wearing: Uniqlo sweater, teal floral maxi dress (a gift from my Dad’s bro- Tito Jeff), Mendrez sandals.

Excuse the squinting, my eyes were hurting for some reason. For lack of sleep, probably… Anyhoo, sooo excited for this summer… can’t wait! What things are you looking forward to, this year?

photo bucket: Remembering

This was my birthday suit… Took snaps before leaving for work…



I’m wearing: the Mister’s shirt, ruffled leather jacket, printed Rough Rider Jeans pants, Nine West tote, and Converse sneakers

My sisters and mum bought me cake and paid for dinner on Sunday as post celebration as I had work on my birthday,,, And of course, my life wouldn’t be complete without these two…


I’m wearing: Uniqlo top, floral print jeggins, Birkenstock sandals



Thank you, Universe!

All Hail to Our Beloved Assumption

Gradeschool graduates of '98

AC gradeschool graduates of ’98

I went to Iliolo City on 12.20.14. for a reunion, 20 years after graduation. I only spent a night there because I had work on Monday.


The venue: Cilantro Restaurant.


It was really nice to see friends and batch mates from waaaay back.


And I was quite surprised I still recognize most and know them by name.


After, we went to a bar: Flow…





Arlie, dearie- bestie… She offered that I stay with her during my visit… She even took these OOTD.

So sweet…

AC-reunion_13 AC-reunion_15

What I wore: Charlotte Russe top, Liberte skirt, Alberto platforms, Hicock purse.


Moi, Paula, Arlie, and Michelle…


Lorwin, Michelle, moi, Arlie, Adrian, and Paula

The 5 of us here were the last people to leave… actually, we stayed at a convenience store a stone’s throw from the bar until around 7am the next day… So, yeah, I got to sleep only a few hours before rushing to the port to catch my boat home.

Thank you, peeps. I had fun…

One for the Wave

Going back to December 2014, after the Stellar Christmas Party the company threw, our batch of trainees had a little Christmas party on the 19th at the office.




After, I caught up with a few friends at a bar restaurant, called Imbiss. Now, this restaurant has a new location and owner, I believe. But it’s known for it’s signature sausage, which Dad and I loved. We used to eat at the old Imbiss restaurant way back.


I’m wearing: ruffled leather jacket, One Piece tee, floral jeggings, Airwalk sling, Converse sneakers.

The revamped Imbiss is a bar-cum-gallery and showcases a lot of artwork from local artists. There are bands playing there as well. Some gigs are actually organized by Kent and some friends friends actually unwind by performing there.  In fact, teens from a charity group we organized some ten years ago performed there that night. But I was unable to take pictures, unfortunately. I was just too tired and preoccupied with the thought of having to wake up early and hop into a boat to Iloilo City for a batch reunion the next day.


Good thing, Kent, Botsky, and Amiel drove me home… Kent was my official photographer during the catch-up sesh… It’s nice to see old friends again. I hope there’d be more of this, but everyone seems to be busy with their own thing… We’ve grown up… Probably, but probably not…?

Well, the next post will be about the reunion in Iloilo. Til then, good day!

Missing out… Pit Senyor!

Yet again… Oh, Cebu. How I miss thee… Just a quick break on backtracking the events of last year (what- already?)…

I had been kind of hoping I won’t miss the Sinulog Festival this year, but fate has a great sense of humor (check all that applies) as always… Anyway, here are some photos I grabbed from dear friends’ Facebook timelines…


grabbed from Venturer Rover’s (Lorwin)…


grabbed from Emman’s…

grabbed rom CJ's page.

grabbed from CJ’s…


grabbed from emman’s

IMG_79071624486749 (1)

grabbed from CJ’s…

And here’s how the kids and I spent the day… C360_2015-01-18-15-20-18-727  @ The District, Ayala Northpoint… C360_2015-01-18-15-25-55-483 They got new toys… C360_2015-01-18-15-25-07-754 And just couldn’t wait until we got home. C360_2015-01-18-15-37-42-473 C360_2015-01-18-15-32-32-444I’m wearing: Charlotte Russe cardi, hearts lingerie top, striped flared skirt, Ipanema sandals, Jessica Simpson sling.C360_2015-01-18-20-44-58-576@ Home… Thanks for dropping by… Have a lovely evening, ladies… G’nyt


… it was called.

The what now? I know, I’ve gone off the radar these past weeks…  not that anyone noticed, yeah? But, I’ll still be backtracking anyway. So, expect that the succeeding posts will mostly be about the happenings on the final weeks of 2014 and first few days of 2015.

Anyway, about Stellar… I’ve probably mentioned in passing in previous posts that I recently joined a new company and lucky me, I witnessed how seriously employees there celebrate major events. And such was the Christmas Party that was held on 12.14.2014. The production numbers were amazing…! The venue, the SMX Convention Center at SM, which recently opened.

Now, without further ado here are snapshots from the event, mostly starring me and friends old and new…




Sofi, Rain, Amy, moi, and Jane…




With old friends, Baldo and Kent… who performed at the event…




Of course, me, myself, and I…


I’m wearing: Papaya dress, customized blazer made from The Mister’s old uniform back in college, black croc leather sling bag, heels from Feet for a Queen.



Thanks for dropping by… I hope you had a merry Christmas and wishing you and your loved ones a great New Year!

Expect postings of my Christmas and New Year celebrations and whatnots in the coming days…!

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