It’s Been A While

… since my last visit.


My Dad would have been 57 by now, had he lived. But he went too soon.


He was just 43, and I miss him dearly. It’s not just me who misses him.

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I know things would have been a lot different had he lived longer and I can’t help but think about the might-have-beens.


Still, I am thankful for these two rascals. It hasn’t been easy and I am often at my wit’s end.

At the end of the day, these two remind me to keep going.


Prepping for Summer

You know how it is when you just have too much going on in your head that you easily forget what you’ve been planning on doing just a few minutes ago? Then remember it when it’s either too late or you’re too tired to get to it? Then, there’d be times when you decide on doing one thing and keep changing your mind on when to do it exactly? These happen quite a lot with me.

One example is getting my hair cut and colored. I’ve been thinking of having my hair done for a while now, but keep postponing it for a number of trivial reasons. I’ve wanted to cut my hair since October, but realized I needed my hair long for the office Halloween Party. And then, I thought it would be a good idea to postpone it after the office Christmas Party. Then, the Mister was coming home and I thought he’d like to see me with long hair, and we all know that days before Christmas until after New Year get very busy for most people, right? Then, the weather turned pleasantly cold albeit the gloomy skies and dampness, which made me thought of postponing of having my hair done yet again.

But today, the sun turned up and the day was bright, warm and a bit humid. The heat and humidity could get worst by summer and in weeks leading to it. So,that did it for me. I’ve got to have my hair done soon. Besides, I kind of miss having short hair.


I never planned on growing my hair this long again anyway… buh-bye long hair.


And yes, I need more practice in taking selfies.

I’ve only had my hair colored once (some 13 years ago!) and it was not even the entire hair, only highlights. So, I am a little worried that my hair would be ruined. Honestly, I’m not a fan of hair salons and I’m too lazy to diy hair treatments. I’d rather sew or do some crafts. But hey, I’ve got to venture out of my comfort zone every now and then. It makes life all the more interesting.

And They Shall Live Happily Ever After…

I haven’t been around in months for a number of reasons but I’ve been itching to post this… And, well a few more. But for tonight, just these:


Jason and Debra had been married for almost three months now and I just got around to posting this. But I’m so glad for these two, especially for Jason to have found ‘The One.’


Mr. & Mrs.

The venue: Aziza Paradise Hotel in Palawan.


A visual recap of the event, which we sorely missed…C360_2015-04-13-16-59-06-641

Very happy for the Bride and the Groom…C360_2015-04-13-16-48-05-719



A very fitting cake topper!!!

The crazies…


Ella and Ica





Photos courtesy off Ella… Thanks Boonchoi!


And here we are (Gianne, moi, Cara and Kat) @ Tom n’ Tom’s, celebrating in our home city…

Will have to wake up early for the kids tomorrow, then it’s a whole day at work. Just waiting on The Mister, gone to training zhiuzhits…

Blessed evening…

Fifty-five Years in One

… candle.


Who’s birthday is it?


Mum’s! This was 2 nights ago.


But why do we blow out candles on our birthday?

Anyway, life goes on…

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It’s a roller coaster ride.


Mon A. Ferretti

So, a few weeks back, I was in Cebu. Returning to Bacolod, headed to the bus station, I decided to drop by the Basilica del Sr. Sto. Nino. Walking the streets of Colon, thrift shops were shining like beacons. So, I decided to swing by one as I thought I still had time to loiter.

As I was about to leave the shop, a pink chiffon item caught my eye. At first I hesitated, fearing it might be pricey. But I thought I’ve got nothing to lose by asking, and so I did. To my surprise, it was just for 20PHP- less than a dollar!. I was ecstatic!

I was even more surprised when I checked the tag, which was still on, and found out it was an Alberta Ferretti!

jetteau-alberta ferretti-chiffon gown1

Stitch details on the bodice and hem.

jetteau-alberta ferretti-chiffon gown4

Who’s been lucky?

jetteau-alberta ferretti-chiffon gown2

So I headed to church with a spring in my step…

jetteau-alberta ferretti-chiffon gown3

Just Breezin’ Through, Dear Cebu

Oh how I miss Cebu… a lot! It’s been home to us for almost a decade and I have fond memories of our family and friends there.

Weeks ago, The Mister and I stayed there for a few days, and of course, met with friends…
















It’s a Girl Thing

Weeks after Karen’s wedding and just days before Kholeen’s trip back to Norway, we met up for dinner and desserts at Felicia’s Pastry Cafe, popular for their delicious cakes and pastries.

jetteau- BAC-kholdihaze-001

jetteau- BAC-kholdihaze-002

jetteau- BAC-kholdihaze-003

jetteau- BAC-kholdihaze-004

jetteau- BAC-kholdihaze-005

jetteau- BAC-kholdihaze-007jetteau- BAC-kholdihaze-006

jetteau- BAC-kholdihaze-008

jetteau- BAC-kholdihaze-014

jetteau- BAC-kholdihaze-016

Thanks for swingin’ by…


Of Wedding Bells and Rings

My cousin Jason and his fiancee, Debra are getting married on the 12th.

And we got this in the mail…



Which opens up to these…


Meet the blushing groom…


So, so, sooo happy for him that he’s finally found his queen.FB_IMG_1427798630977

Jason & Debra from Studio Fotogold on Vimeo.


Cara, Kat, and myself had hoped to attend. But as we all have work and attending entails taking a leave from work and an expensive flight to Palawan, Mum and Ella would represent our family instead.

If Dad had been around, he’d be so happy and proud… And we’d all flock to Puerto Princesa for the wedding, definitely…!

But with things as they are… Oh, well…

And since MasterD and MissL flew to Manila last week (I miss the rascals), last Sunday was bonding day for us girls…


We went hunting for Mum’s outfit for the wedding…


And before I let you off, here’s a throwback…


Jason, moi, Cara, and Jason’s twin, Joseph, sans G…

Growing up, we had been like siblings with them being all boys and us all girls. When we young, we were very close though there’s been years in between when our families lived in different cities. Then life happened and we lived, struggled, and luckily survived.

Our lives are so different from what we’ve imagined, but I’m quite happy despite the slips, tumbles, and falls. And I know they are too. I’m grateful for the times we’ve spent fighting, laughing, and crying. Love you kiddos.


new wave

In our lifetime, people come and go. Time moves too fast for us to even realize the consequences of our decisions. We’ve no choice but to go along, whether we’ve done our best or not…

But I’ve had the pleasure of meeting these people and bond with them some way or another…

jetteau_new wave_1

Mark, Sofie, moi, Gela, Amy, Jet, Rain

jetteau_new wave_2

Junry, Jet, Rona, Jane, Regina, Gela, moi, Dean, K, Lyn, Mark, Amy, Rain, JM, Miles

jetteau_new wave_3

jetteau_new wave_4

jetteau_new wave_5


new wave_7

Wearing: DIY cut-off shirt, Guess midrif top, Rough Rider Jeans printed pants, Vans sneakers

new wave_6

Two & Zero

It’s Ella’s birthday yesterday and here’s a photo journal of our mini celebration…




jetteau-2015-ellas20-04 jetteau-2015-ellas20-05


Capping off the evening with these two…






Dear Father Time,

You’ve flown by so quickly that I could barely count my years on this Earth. My memory has never been so sharp about some aspects of my being, but I do remember enough to be grateful to dear Life. And no matter how tiresome most days have been, I do see the ironies, sequences and roundabouts of this carnival ride.

Warm regards,


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