DIY: Sabrina Neckline Straight Cut Dress

So, the recycle reuse sandals are a no go yet. I got sidetracked by another dress project which is thoroughly described by the title.

This came about when I finally found this neat sublimation company that prints your own design either on a jersey shirt or on plain fabric. Awesooome! I’ve made graphic designs perfect for this and just had to try it out. So, I had one of my designs printed on a jersey shirt which I gave to The Mister and another on a fabric.


Test Run: The jersey turned out too bright and too pink for The Mister’s taste. Hehe. I should have switched the colors but it was a bit difficult for me to be accurate with the colors while working on the designs and I think it could also depend on the type of fabric.

As, I have mentioned one too many times, I don’t know how to make patterns. So I opted for a straight-dress, and to avoid having to measure armholes and whatnots went for a sabrina neckline. Make sense right?


What’s with the blue fabric?

The printed fabric does not stretch, unfortunately. And the work around I thought up was to add panels of stretch fabrics on both sides. Added bonus: No need to use zipper or buttons! The strips of blue jersey fabric I added on the side is a fifth short of the length of the printed fabric to make room for armholes.


Final Touches: Sewing up the top most ends of the fabrics to complete the armholes.


So there you have it. Literally, a straight dress, or a rectangle dress if you want to call it that. It’s easy peasy to make without needing a machine!


I’ll slip this on in a week or two and will Most likely post here.

Now to jump in bed and catch me some Z’s… ūüėÄ

DIY: Kimono

Ola! I had meant to post a week ago when I started on THIS project.



It’s neon because I need to wear something neon on our office Christmas party this coming Friday. Yay!

I made this from scratch. I bought the jersey fabric from one of my favorite fabric store in my home city, cut the fabric, had the design pressed onto the fabric, and sewed up the shoulders like so…


I made this print as well and had it print pressed onto the fabric. I should have taken a photo during the pressing. boo.

And then it’s done!


I’m so happy!

Will post here about the goings on and the outfits on our Neon Christmas Party happening two days from now!

And onto another diy…


A gift for Fifi. I’ m her secret Santa. Hope she likes it ūüôā

It’s very easy to make! Made this one tonight. I also plan on recycling a pair of plastic flats to wear on Friday. Hopefully I can make time.

For now, desperately need to float to slumberland.

D-signs: of prints and dresses

OK, I really do want to learn to make clothes. But, aside from my attempts at the craft by cutting and hand-sewing this¬†and¬†this¬†from scratch, I’ve mostly just restyled other garments by hand.

I thought I could make time to take some lessons but I’ve had my hands full for I don’t know how long anymore that I end up doing other fashion related designing instead.

The past weekends, when I do find¬†the time to do something I enjoy, I ended up making graphic designs for dresses. You know, those designs that should be digitally printed onto the fabric? Yeah, it’s been popular these past years, hasn’t it? And I’ve been obsessing over making digital print designs myself for years… for about 3 to 4 years now, I think.

I’m just glad that before I expire, I did get to do it. And I made several! I made 20!

jetteau- graphic print design 4 jetteau- graphic print design 3

But I’m just posting thumbnails, of sorts, of four of those here.

jetteau- graphic print design 1jetteau- graphic print design 2

Only now, I’ve been obsessing over having them actually made. You see, I’ve not only made the print designs but came up with dress designs for the prints to be on too. Boo!

If ever I do get the chance to have the dresses made, even just a fraction, I’d be ecstatic, I’ll be posting them here, naturally.

Will¬†grab some dinner now… starving…

Thanks for swinging by!

My Valentine

…is a two-piece¬†dress that I prepared¬†for a dear friend’s wedding¬†last month, the love month.¬†I’ve had the brown mesh fabric for sometime now and was super happy to finally get the chance to use it. Lately, I would rather have an outfit customized than buy a ready-made one, unless maybe when I’m out of time.

Which almost was the case. Yes, I almost bought a dress for Karen’s wedding as¬†I’ve been busy. But try I did and checked with Aunt Lucy, to whom I usually go to have dresses made, if she could make my dress despite her full schedule. Luckily, she said yes! So in the days I waited on the dress, I came up with the¬†design to embellish the dress with.

jetteau_my valentine_mesh dress2

I drew the outline on a bond paper to use as guide.

As soon as I got the dress from Aunt Lucy, I immediately started sewing the embellishment onto the dress. I only had 5 days left before the wedding and only had a few hours in the evening to work on it.

jetteau_my valentine_mesh dress4

I used cord, cotton embroidery floss, sequins and sew-on crystals.

To wear under the mesh fabric, I just restyled the LWD, which has gone through several transformations.

20150816_1446-9-784 (7)

I added studs and sew on a decorative crystal on the upper bodice.

20150816_1446-9-784 (5)

I also added ribbons at the hem, and done!

My next post will be about the wedding and there, of course, I’ll be donning “my valentine.”

Thanks for dropping by…!

come again…?

These past days, I’ve been busy with these…



I made the purple pi√Īata on the right using the same concept as when I made the lego pi√Īata¬†for MasterD’s birthday. Only, this time, I used one box for a smaller pi√Īata, wrapped it in purple crepe paper, and glued print outs of Rarity on two¬†sides of¬†the box.


And it’ s all for this little rascal…


MissL just turned 9 today and we had cake and pasta at home just to mark the day. She and MasterD wants to go swimming with their friends, so that will be this coming weekend.


Delighted to get more Trash Wheels…!


And Quino Cafe’s mini rainbow cake from Tita Kat, of course.


Honestly, I just started my new job like two weeks ago and am still in training. It’s been hectic and I’ve seriously thought of not going through with the mini party on Saturday. But a promise to my little hobbit is a promise that I’ll no doubt keep. I’m guessing there’ll be no sleep for me very soon as I’ve been working on night shifts and have to do errands for the picnic/party¬†during mornings. I’ve basically been on flight mode these past days.

Anyway, celebration to be continued…

Recycle, Reuse: deep purple

Well, here’s another dress I restyled recently.


It used to be a simple purple dress with a bubble skirt like so…

Well, you can’t really see the whole dress, can you?¬†Sorry. Can’t ind any other picture with me wearing the dress….¬†Anyway, the hem was too short that I avoided wearing the dress during warm days as there really is a need to wear stockings.

I finished sewing the lace on but I haven’t worn it yet. So,¬†yeah, I’ll post an OOTD here once I get to wear it.

Posting the throwback pic above makes my want to curl up in my bed close my eyes and dream of care bears, sunshine, and my loves… and how things used to be…

Well, thanks for visiting… I miss my old life… And I need a big break… Bliss… Please…

How about you? What are you yearning for….

accidentally in love

In great need o a pick me up… Been listening to 90’s favorites…


The wheel’s been turning, don’t know where exactly it’s taking me… yet…¬†optimism is key…


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