Path Halloween Cutters

Forgive the title. I’m out of creative juices…

I want to go on a holiday… go to the beach and just while away the time enjoying the horizon, the salty air and the sound of rolling waves…so relaxing… But enough of that for now,  perhaps in a few weeks or months, I’d get to relax and enjoy a few days.

It’s been a while…

But there had been a few good days. For instance? Halloween at the office 🙂  There were contests and everyone was happy to participate. I had to rummage through my closet and put together a few items for a costume. I just realized then how my actual clothes are costume-worthy. Hilarious! All I was left to do was cut and dye MissL’s ruined tights, revive the Dr, borrow one of MasterD’s toy guns and rub some face crayons on… et voila!

So, yeah, I just had to post this before November ends. Looking forward to the good things hoped for this December… 🙂

Aaand, I’m really loving the changes on WordPress. So cool!



It’s our cousin Nica’s birthday and we had lunch and desserts to celebrate.


Lunch @ Inaka


Being with younger cousins makes me feel my age… Especially when they used to be so tiny when I was a teenager… Now, they’re young adults!


Desserts @ Calea


Mud Pie and Chocolate Cake

My day would not be complete with pictures of these two…


And of course, an OOTD…


wearing Liberte top and Anna Sui skirt…

Good night and have the sweetest o’ dreams…


I’ve been wanting to brag about these…

I’ve mentioned before that The Mister reads a lot of fantasy fiction, right? Well, some time last year he started reading the series, Malazan: Book of the Fallen, penned by Steven Erikson. He was totally taken by it that he decided to create graphic interpretations of the characters.

And here are more of my favorites:

I have read the first book myself and enjoyed it very much. I’ll have to make time to read the rest… around 9 or 15…?! A lot, huh? But, yeah, would love to be able to do just that.

photo bucket: January 2015

This is a post long overdue…

IMG-1420361684681-V Photo Collage Maker_8u1ixU


PhotoGrid_1421488139842 (1)

PhotoGrid_1421496401153 (1)


dinner date with Hazel, Diana, and Kholeen… and wore this restyled purple dress



Photo Collage Maker_7q1ixU

sister-date… and a cousin…




family date…





I want something… Okay. I want a lot of things. To happen. But I wonder if I make the right decisions or just keep messing things up… Geeesh… I’ve got to read some sort of manual on how to make things right… Have got to learn how to trot, blinkers on.

Dear Life, …………………………

moral code

(1) obey local customs and laws, (2) make decisions on the best evidence and then stick to them firmly as though they were certain, (3) change desires rather than the world, and (4) always seek truth.

Discourse on the Method; Descartes





The Persistence of Memory

People often say that experience is the best teacher. One way or another way, people change as a reaction to situations they are going through.  This is constant.

As a way to survive, many people learn from their past mistakes to make a better future.

But of course, it’s worth noting that there is more than one way for something to go wrong. Yet it can’t be ignored that whatever experiences we have met could help guide us as we move forward.

The past is and will always be the foundation of the present and the future.

We may try to forget certain things we’ve gone through, but somehow those experiences still make us who we are.

The Persistence of Memory

Salvador Dali (1931)



Claude Monet

Claude Monet

Do you even know where or to whom your heart truly belongs?

Did you ever?

Will you ever? 




Was I ever home to you?

We may not be in full control of the things that happen to us but we are responsible for the choices we make.

Yes, we are all subject to making bad decisions. All too often, like it or not, the decisions we make affect others. And naturally, we have to face the situations that result from our actions and decisions.

But not all people are equipped to deal with a certain level of difficulty. Some people try to escape their problems. Others surrender and just leave things to fate.

Yet there are those few people who choose to rise from the difficulties, and turn their bad experiences into a kind of challenge to do better and succeed.

Again, this situation boils down to making a decision. But is it really possible to make good decisions all the time?

On the other hand, is it just a matter of learning to accept failure and defeat and learning from past mistakes?

Is there a formula for living a perfect life?