Happy 2014!

… 9 days late?!? Yeah, well I was faced with a series of unfortunate events. Nothing too serious, I think. Basically, I’ve been very busy and sick. Yet the holidays was uneventful, especially because TheMister had been away. The happenings during the last quarter of 2013 have left me drained and numb, which isn’t a good way to start a new year. But I am not put off. Never. I welcome all challenges that come my way. So, bring it on 2014! Of course, I’m not saying that 2013 was a bad year for me. Not at all. Fact is, 2013 had been a good year that kick-started several positive (fingers crossed!) changes in my life. And it seems that things are slowly starting to fall into place now. Well, at least that’s how I feel.

Here’s a visual recap of my 2013 holidays.

The kids and I celebrated Christmas in Bacolod City.

Then, we spent the New Year in Metro Manila.

They say change is constant, but one thing constant about me is how grateful I am for the people in my life.

Thanks for visiting. Have a great year!




Happy Birthday

… to me!

This is what I imagined I would wear…

This is what I actually wore …

I’m wearing the Mister’s sweater as a top. And, yes, lately I find myself raiding his closet more frequently for over-sized comfortable shirts..

Been missing the Mister, thus I opted to wear something of his on my birthday. 🙂

My lovely sister, Kat, treated the kids to a movie and Ella, Mum, and Cara watched the movie with the kids. Oh! And Cara gifted me with a rockin’ two-tone monokini!

Excuse the backdrop but they watched Frozen, not Robocop, and they sooo love the movie!


And, me? Well, Kat took me to a spa for a massage. Isn’t she the sweetest?

But, I was starving so we had a snack first before heading to the spa.

p.s. *this is an updated post






Style File: I’m No Angel

Wore this on a family visit to my dad’s and grandad’s resting place. We had a mass in their honor that day, for All Soul’s Day. I miss them dearly. With all the b******t that’s been happening, I wonder if they could have made a difference if they had lived to this day. Maybe they’ve been lucky. Maybe that’s just how life makes a mockery of us – well, of me. Maybe I’m just over thinking things. Maybe I’m just too tired. Maybe, maybe, maybe…



Style File: Counting Down the Days

You were right and I don’t want to be here if you’re gonna be there
Was that supposed to happen? I’ll hold tight
I’ll remember to smile though it has been a while
And without you does it matter?

There’s no room, no place to start
When our souls are apart

I want to travel through time, see your surprise
I’d hold you so tight, I’m counting down the days tonight
I just want to be a million miles away from here
I’m counting down the days

How’ve you been? It’s just the usual here
And days are feeling like years and every day’s without you
Now I cry just a little too much when I think of your touch
And everything about you

I feel cold, I’m in the dark
When our souls are apart

Recycle, Reuse: mini dress

I think the last time I posted a “Recycle, Reuse” entry was some time in July…? Well, I’ve been exceptionally busy with various things lately and have been running around like a headless chicken… Yet, yeah, I still manage to update my space and schedule posts! haha…

Anyway, on to the recycled item… It’s this red zipper mini dress I wore two Christmases ago.

I’ve never worn this number since. And, well, a few months ago, when I wasn’t as busy as I am these day and had been bitten by the tinker bug, I turned my attention to this red number. Now, I don’t know if I did this dress justice but I doubt that I could easily wear this revamped dress just anywhere.

See what I mean? I added leather and studs. It’s a cute party dress but I no longer go clubbing these days. Yeah, it’s sad. I’d love to go clubbing again, but just can’t find time. And no, I didn’t go clubbing when these photos were taken… I just donned it and wore a pair of heels for the purpose of this entry. 🙂  I’m not even wearing any make-up… Well, not that I usually wear make-up when I go out.

Thanks for dropping bye. Carpe diem!




… nuff said.

V Magazine September 2013

Photographer: Gus van Sant

Model: Jared Leto

Source: thefashionisto


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