Mon A. Ferretti

So, a few weeks back, I was in Cebu. Returning to Bacolod, headed to the bus station, I decided to drop by the Basilica del Sr. Sto. Nino. Walking the streets of Colon, thrift shops were shining like beacons. So, I decided to swing by one as I thought I still had time to loiter.

As I was about to leave the shop, a pink chiffon item caught my eye. At first I hesitated, fearing it might be pricey. But I thought I’ve got nothing to lose by asking, and so I did. To my surprise, it was just for 20PHP- less than a dollar!. I was ecstatic!

I was even more surprised when I checked the tag, which was still on, and found out it was an Alberta Ferretti!

jetteau-alberta ferretti-chiffon gown1

Stitch details on the bodice and hem.

jetteau-alberta ferretti-chiffon gown4

Who’s been lucky?

jetteau-alberta ferretti-chiffon gown2

So I headed to church with a spring in my step…

jetteau-alberta ferretti-chiffon gown3


2013 Berlin Film Festival

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photos: zimbio / dailymail uk

Will be adding more photos soon. Do check back.