Mon A. Ferretti

So, a few weeks back, I was in Cebu. Returning to Bacolod, headed to the bus station, I decided to drop by the Basilica del Sr. Sto. Nino. Walking the streets of Colon, thrift shops were shining like beacons. So, I decided to swing by one as I thought I still had time to loiter.

As I was about to leave the shop, a pink chiffon item caught my eye. At first I hesitated, fearing it might be pricey. But I thought I’ve got nothing to lose by asking, and so I did. To my surprise, it was just for 20PHP- less than a dollar!. I was ecstatic!

I was even more surprised when I checked the tag, which was still on, and found out it was an Alberta Ferretti!

jetteau-alberta ferretti-chiffon gown1

Stitch details on the bodice and hem.

jetteau-alberta ferretti-chiffon gown4

Who’s been lucky?

jetteau-alberta ferretti-chiffon gown2

So I headed to church with a spring in my step…

jetteau-alberta ferretti-chiffon gown3


Just Breezin’ Through, Dear Cebu

Oh how I miss Cebu… a lot! It’s been home to us for almost a decade and I have fond memories of our family and friends there.

Weeks ago, The Mister and I stayed there for a few days, and of course, met with friends…
















Missing out… Pit Senyor!

Yet again… Oh, Cebu. How I miss thee… Just a quick break on backtracking the events of last year (what- already?)…

I had been kind of hoping I won’t miss the Sinulog Festival this year, but fate has a great sense of humor (check all that applies) as always… Anyway, here are some photos I grabbed from dear friends’ Facebook timelines…


grabbed from Venturer Rover’s (Lorwin)…


grabbed from Emman’s…

grabbed rom CJ's page.

grabbed from CJ’s…


grabbed from emman’s

IMG_79071624486749 (1)

grabbed from CJ’s…

And here’s how the kids and I spent the day… C360_2015-01-18-15-20-18-727  @ The District, Ayala Northpoint… C360_2015-01-18-15-25-55-483 They got new toys… C360_2015-01-18-15-25-07-754 And just couldn’t wait until we got home. C360_2015-01-18-15-37-42-473 C360_2015-01-18-15-32-32-444I’m wearing: Charlotte Russe cardi, hearts lingerie top, striped flared skirt, Ipanema sandals, Jessica Simpson sling.C360_2015-01-18-20-44-58-576@ Home… Thanks for dropping by… Have a lovely evening, ladies… G’nyt

Style File: rock chick

After the KL trip, I decided to stay in Cebu for a couple of nights to spend some time with Ella and to catch up with Eman, CJ, and friends.

The night before I left for Bacolod, we had dinner at our favorite hang out, Kaona Grill near JY Mall in Lahug.


I’m wearing: Forever 21 top, Oxygen (local brand) skirt, Mendrez (local brand) sandals, Liz Claiborne handbag.

I havn’t been posting much about fashion and style lately as I havn’t got the time to browse through my favorite tabloids and fashion websites and blogs. Boo! But thanks for dropping by. Til next…! Take care!


photo bucket: love month


Dinner @ Casa Verde, Ayala Terraces





I’m wearing: Ted Baker dress, Ana Sui bag, nude pvc flats



Desserts @ Dessert Factory, Ayala Terraces



Lunch @ Casa Verde, again…


Chillin’ @ Cebu Marina Beach Resort



Style File: Tartan Blues
















It’s been exceptionally cold here in my country since the New Year and I decided to air out the Dr., which I’ve had for over ten years. I’m not sure I succeeded in this grunge look, though… wearing tartan, leather, denim, stockings, and beanie…


… had his First Communion last Wednesday.


Well, you might be wondering, First Communions, Baptisms, Confirmations, and the like are a bit of a big deal to most Filipino families.




MissL and I had been busy taking photos  of MasterD that we only managed to have very few of ours taken before the battery died.

This was taken at the mall after MasterD’s First Communion last Wednesday.

And yeah, I meant to post about about fashion stuff here, with the awards season in full swing. But, alas, I just couldn’t make time.. boohoo! And on a sidenote, today’s actually the highlight of the Sinulog Festival here in Cebu, so I try my darnedest to post, though not really about the festival. I had hoped to write about it here. But as we didn’t really take part in the revelry, I don’t have much to write about.  😦


Style File: Coral

Wore this last Wednesday, November 20- MissL’s 8th birthday.  It was a busy day. First thing in the morning, I brought birthday loot bags to school to be given to her classmates and teachers. After, I went to work. Then after work, we ate out. She blew her birthday candle and later opened her gift. But not before shedding a few tears. It involved a certain gift that she wanted, but thought she wasn’t getting it. But she did, of course. So, before going to bed, she was quite happy, and tired. Her birthday celebration continued yesterday, Saturday- the 23rd.  She, MasterD and their friends watched a movie, Epic. Oh, the things parents do to make their kids happy.

photo bucket: Birthday Gurl

@ Casa Verde, Asiatown IT Park, Cebu

@ Hello Hans Movie House

@ Asiatown IT Park

Style File: red

Wore this to dinner with Mum, Ella, and the kids around two weeks ago. It’s a dress shirt, I wore as a top.

It was Mum’s birhday last week and we celebrated it here in Cebu,of course. We had dinner at Hukad, Ayala Terraces. The food was delish, not to mention affordable!

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