D-signs: of prints and dresses

OK, I really do want to learn to make clothes. But, aside from my attempts at the craft by cutting and hand-sewing this and this from scratch, I’ve mostly just restyled other garments by hand.

I thought I could make time to take some lessons but I’ve had my hands full for I don’t know how long anymore that I end up doing other fashion related designing instead.

The past weekends, when I do find the time to do something I enjoy, I ended up making graphic designs for dresses. You know, those designs that should be digitally printed onto the fabric? Yeah, it’s been popular these past years, hasn’t it? And I’ve been obsessing over making digital print designs myself for years… for about 3 to 4 years now, I think.

I’m just glad that before I expire, I did get to do it. And I made several! I made 20!

jetteau- graphic print design 4 jetteau- graphic print design 3

But I’m just posting thumbnails, of sorts, of four of those here.

jetteau- graphic print design 1jetteau- graphic print design 2

Only now, I’ve been obsessing over having them actually made. You see, I’ve not only made the print designs but came up with dress designs for the prints to be on too. Boo!

If ever I do get the chance to have the dresses made, even just a fraction, I’d be ecstatic, I’ll be posting them here, naturally.

Will grab some dinner now… starving…

Thanks for swinging by!


Betcha by Holly, Wow!

Holly who?

Holly Fulton Profile

Holly Fulton, of course.  This talented designer from Edinburgh, Scotland, is one of my favorite designers, along with Alexander McQueen, Mary Katrantzou, Vivienne Westwood, Vera Wang, Georgina Chapman, and Keren Creig, Tom Ford, John Galliano, Domenico Dolce and Stafano Gabbana, to name just a few. Why? I love her eclectic digital prints and designs. I’m a big sucker for graphic designs and Holly Fulton does a jolly good job with hers. Case in point:

London Fall 2013

Holly+Fulton+Fall+2013+h973c_ig5pJl Holly+Fulton+Fall+2013+83FNaXpfmHGl Holly+Fulton+Fall+2013+eGOxIDeiO1wl

London Spring 2013

Holly+Fulton+Spring+2013+9CISTgnOCuOl Holly+Fulton+Spring+2013+Rfpc5QKLT0ml Holly+Fulton+Spring+2013+w1qV_Zjn_dKl

London Fall 2012

Holly+Fulton+Fall+2012+d1w5fRri8qNl Holly+Fulton+Fall+2012+NPfSIi_lE1xl Holly+Fulton+Fall+2012+yArd5gTF1P5l

London Spring 2012

Holly+Fulton+Spring+2012+M7tnPcFeMuFl Holly+Fulton+Spring+2012+2UlknDq_tF5l Holly+Fulton+Spring+2012+Mr3cr1gm_nGl

London Fall 2011

Holly+Fulton+Fall+2011+QOU-8lIYwuYl Holly+Fulton+Fall+2011+SHyQ3f9JVi1l Holly+Fulton+Fall+2011+uDddgpAwMHHl

London Spring 2011

Holly+Fulton+Spring+2011+iZd6RCmvqrTl Holly+Fulton+Spring+2011+ui-P_TeojJ9l Holly+Fulton+Spring+2011+fQUd-d93HpQl

London Fall 2010

Holly+Fulton+Fall+2010+Hg4mGnW0hqTl Holly+Fulton+Fall+2010+PITKmkgzR85l Holly+Fulton+Fall+2010+6WmKjw9RHvjl

London Spring 2010

Holly+Fulton+Spring+2010+LR5sOggFg8Fl Holly+Fulton+Spring+2010+cJVmVZFMOHdl Holly+Fulton+Spring+2010+TXFzh23frPzl

London Fall 2009

Holly+Fulton+Fall+2009+X-XC9jae27al Holly+Fulton+Fall+2009+ilv8xBInar2l Holly+Fulton+Fall+2009+2HcVR6JdhvRl

See what I mean??? Aren’t these amazing???!! She’s won the Elle Style Award for new designer in 2010 and the Young Designer of the Year Award at the Scottish Fashion Awards! And, her jewelry line is just as interesting as her clothes.

fulton python necklace fulton black gold earrings fulton wood and perspex necklace

You can read about what she has to say about her trademark pieces. collections, and influences at londonfashionweek.

photos: stylebistro / londonfashionweek uk / polyvore