D-signs: of prints and dresses

OK, I really do want to learn to make clothes. But, aside from my attempts at the craft by cutting and hand-sewing this and this from scratch, I’ve mostly just restyled other garments by hand.

I thought I could make time to take some lessons but I’ve had my hands full for I don’t know how long anymore that I end up doing other fashion related designing instead.

The past weekends, when I do find the time to do something I enjoy, I ended up making graphic designs for dresses. You know, those designs that should be digitally printed onto the fabric? Yeah, it’s been popular these past years, hasn’t it? And I’ve been obsessing over making digital print designs myself for years… for about 3 to 4 years now, I think.

I’m just glad that before I expire, I did get to do it. And I made several! I made 20!

jetteau- graphic print design 4 jetteau- graphic print design 3

But I’m just posting thumbnails, of sorts, of four of those here.

jetteau- graphic print design 1jetteau- graphic print design 2

Only now, I’ve been obsessing over having them actually made. You see, I’ve not only made the print designs but came up with dress designs for the prints to be on too. Boo!

If ever I do get the chance to have the dresses made, even just a fraction, I’d be ecstatic, I’ll be posting them here, naturally.

Will grab some dinner now… starving…

Thanks for swinging by!


Makeup Works

On my trip to IloIlo last December for the batch reunion, I got the chance to reunite with a college friend, Mayette.


She’s now a make-up artist, based in Singapore. She does costume make-up, bridals, and fashion… Here’s a peek at some of her works. So proud of her…


Here she is doing her magic…

She offered to do my makeup for my wedding… so that got me pretty excited. Haha! Well, for those interested in getting a HMUA for special or production events, here’s how to reach her…

SG mobile: (65) 9472 4615

email: annamarie_salovino@yahoo.com

Style File: Teal Sunday

Hello, World!

Despite the hectic days… I try to find a kind of normalcy… and that is spending time with the most important people in my life…


Spent Sunday’s afternoon @ The District, Ayala North Point in Talisay.


MissL took these OOTD…


It was actually between 5 and 6 when these were taken but it was already dark like 7-ish…


I’m wearing: Rainbow top, dress as a skirt, G.H. Bass sandals, and Tommy Hilfiger tote.

How about you? What keeps you sane in this frantic world at this frenzied time and age?


Recycle, Reuse: knit sweater => knit midi

As the title suggests, the victim for this recycled-restyled post is an old knit sweater…

I forgot to take a picture before I began snipping off the sleeves, but here’s some photos of when I wore it some time in 2011…


Wearing: Banana Republic sweater, jeggings, Doc Martens boots, black bag.


And so, after snipping off the sleeves, I sewed close about four-inches of the armhole up to the would-be waistband of the would-be midi. I also closed the top of said waistband, leaving a small gaping hole so I can ease myself into the skirt to wear.


Then, I hemmed both sides of the gaping hole to fasten the lose threads, added buttons and ribbons to fasten the skirt close . And ta-daaah!


Will post as OOTD when I chance on wearing it. And by the by, I’ll be posting a visual how-to of how I made the two-compartment lego pinata as soon as I get enough time (and device memory) to upload the pics… been using mobile and tablet lately and it takes forever for me to load them images…

Thanks for dropping by. How was your day, by the way? Hope you had a great one… Til next!

say what?!?

While the City of Smiles has been busy prepping for the Masskara festival this coming weekend, I’ve been busy with these…


A diy two-compartment lego pinata. Will post a diy of how I made it. And…




MasterD turned 10 today. And because it’s a Wednesday and a schoolday, we’ll be celebrating it on Saturday.


A save-the-date prepared by Kat.


Stole this from The Mister’s portfolio to use for the invites. See?


To mark the day, we still had a simple preparation at home. 20141015_171821

Bascon’s mini Baba cake from Tita Kat.

20141015_170749 Lottie, Tita Ella, Tita Gianne, Thirdy, birthday boi, Great-Grand-Mama Ko.20141015_170700

Spaghetti prepared by Tita Gianne.


And Lego from Papa!


Celebration to be continued…

Style File: of mint, cream, and roses

First of all, it’s The Mister’s birthday today and I made a promise to him that I’m definitely keeping… Love him lots! Anyhoo, here’s an OOTD of my recent recycled-restyled piece


I’m wearing: Bayo lace top, diy floral skirt, nude pvc flats.


Now, I’ve had this top for the looongest time-for over 10 years, I kid you not. lace-top-floral-skirt-nude-pvc-flats

If you might notice, I cut me bangs! I probably have never mentioned, but I’m such a fan of Nicole Richie… she’s one of my style idols! I was inspired to get zeh bangs because of her.


I apologize for the quality of these photos. These were taken hurriedly early evening. Guess who my photogs were.


Them hobbitses, of course. And somehow, one deleted the photo I took of them. We were getting frustrated. See?


I really appreciate that MasterD is always there, ready to be my comfort when I’m stressing out. And MissL, … Well, she has a poker face like me. But when she feels that the timing is right, she does her part in making me feel better. I feel blessed. And,oh! I recently joined Bloglovin’,

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Recycle, Reuse: floral dress into skirt

I enjoy reconstructing items in my closet to give them new life, and of course to give myself a new wardrobe to rock. For this post, it’s this dress:

floral marilyn monroe inspired dress

I had it custom-made to wear to our friends’ wedding a few years back. daryll-odessa-wedding-cebu daryll-odessa-wedding-reception-cebu daryll-odessa-wedding-2012

But then after, I only got to wear the dress just once more and that was for our family portrait.div-gon-family-portrait

So, I recently decided to restyle the dress into a skirt. And a few snips and cuts, the dress is now a skirt…! I removed the bodice and shortened them hem.


I’ll be posting an OOTD for this skirt when I get the chance to wear it.

How about you? Do you have a recycle-restyle story to share?

photo bucket: of birthdays and time a-flying

Birthday, some look forward to thee, others may dread thee, but one thing is assured- Ye only move forwards and it is upon myself to look back and cherish the have-beens.

So… My grandmother, paternal, turned 75 last Thursday. And though she had a mini celebration at home, a special post celebration was in order.

And we had to dress up for the occasion!

jetteau-mamalin's party-kids

jetteau-mamalin's party-polka top- velvet midi

I’m wearing: L&M top (from mum’s closet), Wacoal bustier, custom made velvet midi, pumps from Feet for a Queen, Amanda Smith bag.

jetteau-mamalin's party-kids2

Uncles, aunts, and cousins flew in. And those who couldn’t make it gave their well wishes via video. Mama’s friends were there too of course.

jetteau-mamalin's party-cousins1

jetteau-mamalin's party-boys

jetteau-mamalin's party-cousins2

jetteau-mamalin's party-cousins3

jetteau-mamalin's party-cousins4

jetteau-mamalin's party-cousins5

It was nice to see familiar faces. I’ve been away for some time.

jetteau-mamalin's party-girls

jetteau-mamalin's party-girls2

jetteau-mamalin's party-girls3

jetteau-mamalin's party-girls4

Unfortunately, I’m now beginning to feel my age! Haha…

jetteau-mamalin's party-boys2

MasterD dancing with great-grand-mama… And here’s us three once more, at the photobooth…

jetteau-mamalin's party-photobooth1

And with the birthday girl…

jetteau-mamalin's party-photobooth2


Style File: sugar plum


I’m wearing: ny&co intimates top, ivory with leather detail knit skirt, renegade folk heels.

Why the title despite the ivory and beige ensemble? Well, try squinting to see the color of my nails. Better yet, here…


At times, it’s the smallest detail that stands out. And that’s true not only in outfits, mind you. As they say, the little things are those that count. They make the whole all the more interesting.

C’ est la vie…

Style File: rock chick

After the KL trip, I decided to stay in Cebu for a couple of nights to spend some time with Ella and to catch up with Eman, CJ, and friends.

The night before I left for Bacolod, we had dinner at our favorite hang out, Kaona Grill near JY Mall in Lahug.


I’m wearing: Forever 21 top, Oxygen (local brand) skirt, Mendrez (local brand) sandals, Liz Claiborne handbag.

I havn’t been posting much about fashion and style lately as I havn’t got the time to browse through my favorite tabloids and fashion websites and blogs. Boo! But thanks for dropping by. Til next…! Take care!


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