Baby Bliss

Meet Caleb Philip.


My godson…


Christened on 12.27.14…


With very happy parents Paolo and Kholeen. 20141227_125810


Here, with Diana and my other godson, Steven Nicholas. 20141227_125937

I was fond of calling him Lil’ Nicky, but he’s all grown up now and a great shooter. I really won’t be surprised when he becomes a basketball star someday…

A throwback picture of Steven’s christening…


circa 2003 Wearing: jetstone pendant from Kent, Bayo top, Kamiseta jeans, and Le Donne sandals. Whoa… I could still remember…!?!

My OOTD on Pipoy’s baptism…


I’m wearing: Uniqlo sweater, teal floral maxi dress (a gift from my Dad’s bro- Tito Jeff), Mendrez sandals.

Excuse the squinting, my eyes were hurting for some reason. For lack of sleep, probably… Anyhoo, sooo excited for this summer… can’t wait! What things are you looking forward to, this year?


Merry 2014!

On the days leading to Christmas eve, I was busy shopping for these and then some…


Well, except for Stuart… He was a gift from Rain.

Every Christmas, we typically attend mass on the 24th, before midnight. But this year was an exception. I had work so we had dinner early…




And then went on to open gifts… Yey!





20141224_202910 20141224_202904


I’m wearing: Guess midriff top, Sam and Kassey feather skirt. Gibi heels

After dinner, Cara drove me to work and everyone came with… Mum, the hobbitses, Kat, and Ella.

They next day, the 25th, we attended mass at The Redemptorist Church.




Then we visited Dad’s older sister, Tita Edna, and family. I wasn’t able to take pictures with the cousins, shoot…! I was too preoccupied with trying not to be late for work… Next time, surely…


I’m wearing: biker jacket, Missoni top, Old Navy jeggings, Birkenstock sandals, Nine West tote

Wow…! Is it one month down for 2015 already? Hah! Boy, how time flies…

How’s your year going so far?


… had her First Communion on Monday, December 8. MasterD had his, January of this year. And while the rest of the Philippines had been busy preparing for and surviving Typhoon Ruby, also known as Typhoon Hagupit, I’ve been preoccupied with making sure MissL gets to the church on time. And we made it, not without a mishap or two…


And here she is…


With friends…



And family…


And here’s an OOTD o’ mine… The knit skirt is a recycled-restyled item, by the way.




I’m wearing: Stage-2 top, diy knit skirt, Gibi heels, Samantha Smith bag

The weather looked sunny in the last pics isn’t it? Well, the City of Smiles fared better than others when typhoon Ruby hit. It was actually gloomy in the morning, bright at noon, and a bit rainy in the afternoon.

Well, thanks or dropping by… Until the next update.

Style File: Teal Sunday

Hello, World!

Despite the hectic days… I try to find a kind of normalcy… and that is spending time with the most important people in my life…


Spent Sunday’s afternoon @ The District, Ayala North Point in Talisay.


MissL took these OOTD…


It was actually between 5 and 6 when these were taken but it was already dark like 7-ish…


I’m wearing: Rainbow top, dress as a skirt, G.H. Bass sandals, and Tommy Hilfiger tote.

How about you? What keeps you sane in this frantic world at this frenzied time and age?


Style File: yellow

I’m actually tempted to title this post “karma.” I’m wearing it…! *wink * *wink*


I’ve always been a great believer of karma and have a great respect for the workings of the universe. But…


Anyway, I found this quaint place near where the hobbitses study. Grill Guru, it’s called. It’s nice and quiet here. It The ambience actually reminds me of my grandparent’s home the house my grandparents used to own in Paranaque, Manila.


I’m wearing: Artwork shirt, batik print skirt, Birkenstock sandals.


I was killing time, waiting for MasterD and MissL to finish taking their exams. It’s the last day, yey! I only had coffee, but here…






Yeah… always ever so serious…!

Have a lovely day!

Style File: of mint, cream, and roses

First of all, it’s The Mister’s birthday today and I made a promise to him that I’m definitely keeping… Love him lots! Anyhoo, here’s an OOTD of my recent recycled-restyled piece


I’m wearing: Bayo lace top, diy floral skirt, nude pvc flats.


Now, I’ve had this top for the looongest time-for over 10 years, I kid you not. lace-top-floral-skirt-nude-pvc-flats

If you might notice, I cut me bangs! I probably have never mentioned, but I’m such a fan of Nicole Richie… she’s one of my style idols! I was inspired to get zeh bangs because of her.


I apologize for the quality of these photos. These were taken hurriedly early evening. Guess who my photogs were.


Them hobbitses, of course. And somehow, one deleted the photo I took of them. We were getting frustrated. See?


I really appreciate that MasterD is always there, ready to be my comfort when I’m stressing out. And MissL, … Well, she has a poker face like me. But when she feels that the timing is right, she does her part in making me feel better. I feel blessed. And,oh! I recently joined Bloglovin’,

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Style File: sugar plum


I’m wearing: ny&co intimates top, ivory with leather detail knit skirt, renegade folk heels.

Why the title despite the ivory and beige ensemble? Well, try squinting to see the color of my nails. Better yet, here…


At times, it’s the smallest detail that stands out. And that’s true not only in outfits, mind you. As they say, the little things are those that count. They make the whole all the more interesting.

C’ est la vie…

photo bucket: our week in kuala lumpur

Met up with CJ before my flight… he’s so sweet, I love him lots! He took this…


Arrived at the new KLIA 2 airport on Thursday night and took the express to KL Sentral.


Day 1: Boarded the train to Gombak and took a taxi to Batu Caves.

20140725_140649 20140725_132932


20140725_133717 20140725_140552

Then we hopped back to the train to KL Sentral, checked out the shops and had lunch at Nando’s.


I’m wearing: Mango top, Bench shorts,Birkenstock sandals, Follie shawl, Liz Claiborne handbag. 


Day 2: Went to Penaling Jaya to have lunch at A&W. But the joint was packed so we ate at a resto in a mall across the street.

PhotoGrid_1406872725565 20140726_17341320140726_173940

The toys in some of the shops were Ahhh-mazing!!!

Day 3: Took a taxi to Mid Valley Megamall near Bangsar.


I’m wearing: Folded & Hung dress, Birkenstock sandals, Liz Claiborne handbag.


Across it was The Gardens Mall where you will find Louis Vuitton and the likes. *sigh*


Had lunch at Madame Kwan’s, and the food was great! After the outing we hit the pool for a dip.


Day 4: Went to Berjaya after checking out gadgets at Lowyatt.

20140728_172733 PhotoGrid_1406873779360

Day 5: It was a lazy day. We mostly stayed in and only went out to have lunch. Later in the day, we hit the pool.


Day 7: Went to KLCC. And look! The Petronas… We visited the mall right beside the Twin Towers. The Cultural Center and a huge park were also a stone’s throw away.

PhotoGrid_1406874968065 C360_2014-07-30-19-50-38-908

I’m wearing: The Mister’s cap, Switch top, gold snakeskin belt, Penshoppe skirt, Mendrez sandals, Follie shawl, Liz Claiborne handbag.


To cap off the day, we took a train to Petaling Jaya to have waffles at A&W.

Day 7: Leaving on a jet plane…


I’m wearing: Uniqlo top, Oxygen skirt, Birkenstock sandals.


May the force be with you…!

Style File: Tartan Blues
















It’s been exceptionally cold here in my country since the New Year and I decided to air out the Dr., which I’ve had for over ten years. I’m not sure I succeeded in this grunge look, though… wearing tartan, leather, denim, stockings, and beanie…


… had his First Communion last Wednesday.


Well, you might be wondering, First Communions, Baptisms, Confirmations, and the like are a bit of a big deal to most Filipino families.




MissL and I had been busy taking photos  of MasterD that we only managed to have very few of ours taken before the battery died.

This was taken at the mall after MasterD’s First Communion last Wednesday.

And yeah, I meant to post about about fashion stuff here, with the awards season in full swing. But, alas, I just couldn’t make time.. boohoo! And on a sidenote, today’s actually the highlight of the Sinulog Festival here in Cebu, so I try my darnedest to post, though not really about the festival. I had hoped to write about it here. But as we didn’t really take part in the revelry, I don’t have much to write about.  😦


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