DIY: Ribbon Dress

Almost two years ago, around December of 2011, I made a dress for Ella for a Christmas party.  This was before I got around to starting this blog. Anyway, the theme for the party was candyland. At that time, I had a slight aversion to candy-colored anything, meaning brightly colored things. But that has changed, of course. These days, I’m kind of drawn to bold colors, Going back, as I was looking for inspiration, I thought about cotton candies, gummy bears, m&ms, and skittles. Finally, I settled with…

skittles20smallBut Skittles has a variety of color combinations, which proved a bit of problem for me. Should I go with the tropical colors, the original, wild berry, etc? Yeah, that’s me… I always manage to make things complicated. So, the quest went on. Then, I remembered The Mister’s Pink Floyd Converse high tops. The one with the prism design- the album cover for “The Dark Side of the Moon,” designed by George Hardie. I thought I’d work around the rainbow colors in that design.


Now, I didn’t want Ella to wear a Katy Perry costume. And it’s not because I don’t like Katy Perry- on the contrary. It’s more like it isn’t Ella to wear super girly outfits. So, tube tops and skater skirts were out of the question. And since I had very little time to work on the dress, I decided it had to be really simple to make. So, I thought of using colored ribbons. I searched the net for “ribbon dress,” though I never thought that I’d actually find one. But it turns out, Kylie Minogue did wear such a dress! Lookie here…

kylie_minogue_ribbondressOf course, i can’t let Ella show off her undies at the party. It’s beyond scandalous! So, I had a dress made to serve as lining and I covered it with ribbons in red, orange, yellow, green, aqua, and purple.  Tadaaah!SAM_2266 SAM_2270 SAM_2276
















So, this foray into using ribbons to make a dress ultimately lead me to another slightly similar project a year or so on. I have yet to finish the dress. But here’s a peek of what I’ve been working on.

SAM_6153 I’m almost finished with the dress. Just need to add lining. That’s all for now. Thanks for visiting.